Epoxy Rocks is a distinctly unique resurfacing system which is achieved by combining a variety of natural stone selections with  high-quality epoxy and carefully blending. After doing so, this mixture is hand troweled down over clean, properly prepared, and thoroughly dry concrete or other compatible surfaces. The Epoxy Rocks overlay system is ideal for resurfacing of commercial  or residential concrete, exterior or interior, regardless of age. With a large selection of natural river stone colors, Epoxy Rocks  concrete overlay system allows you the freedom to create custom colors and designs, contrasting borders, or elegant mosaic like patterns. Imagine the curb appeal, elegance, and natural charm reflected by this designer original. Rather than drab, stained, cracked, chopped concrete. With Epoxy Rocks you will have acquired a true work of art, which will enhance and increase the property value of you; the customer’s home.

Epoxy Rocks overlay system  is the ultimate solution for the repair, protection and revitalization of all exterior or interior concrete surfaces. Like our slogan says…


A beautiful affordable solution ... To an ugly expensive problem …


There is no need to remove or replace cracked, rough, or chipped concrete which has been caused by the harsh elements of

Mother Nature or unforeseen concrete finishing problems… instead, your concrete can be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost.


Our 3 Step Process

 Step 1:  Cleaning your existing concrete surface. Fill in all cracks, chips and gouges with GoldenLook Resurfacing epoxy/grout mixture. Epoxy grout will prevent the crack from growing, resealing the crack and preventing further concrete damage. We also use the epoxy grout formula to correct drainage issues, such as low spots.

Step 2: For custom color changes or risers (steps) we put up forms using various materials to keep the color change/risers in place. Color changes always add an additional ‘pop’ to your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck.

Step 3: Fill in the formed surface with a beautiful, durable epoxy stone mixture

Comfortable to walk on! – Hand trowel for a smooth flawless surface!
Easy to clean – Use a standard garden hose to spray away dirt & spills!
Easy to maintain – Recoat every 3 – 5 years depending on sun exposure!
Easy to repair – It’s a natural stone so repairs are virtually unnoticeable!
Porous – eliminates standing water, which makes is slip resistant!
Durable – Epoxy is the strongest man made adhesive!
  Come is 18 solid colors and endless blends!
Quick to install – hardens in 24 hours or less.

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